Easton Shares Perspective on Why Insurance Start-Ups Pursue Rebrands with Carrier Management

17 June 2021 Carrier Management News

Carrier Management recently featured partner Maureen Easton in a deep dive on why insurance technology start-ups (or “insurtechs”) pursue rebrands.

Easton shared her perspective on why insurtechs may seek to rebrand and what challenges they may face, telling Carrier Management, “When it comes to larger revamps, such as rebranding, shifting products or product lines, or changes to distribution models, many startups come to a point where they have to pivot due to changes in the industry in which they operate, overall economic pressures, customer preferences, workforce skills, and other internal and external factors.”

Find the article, “Trov’s Evolution: From Barbra Streisand to Embedded Insurance,” here.

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