Kyle Faget Discusses Pharmaceutical M&A Trends from 2022

28 December 2022 Pharmaceutical Technology News

Foley & Lardner LLP Partner Kyle Faget is quoted in the Pharmaceutical Technology article, “2022 in review: Tracking the ups and downs of pharma deals,” discussing pharma M&A activity from this year.

As market volatility hindered pharma M&A activity in 2022, Faget said, “We have heard from clients that the volatility in the public markets is making them risk averse in terms of deal making capacity for larger scale deals.”

One of the themes that has remained constant is the ongoing popularity of deals involving oncology and central nervous system disease-related assets. “The drivers there really are the patient population and the need. The oncology community is huge. There's an absolute market demand,” Faget explained. Given the significant baby boomer population, at least in the US, neurodegenerative diseases are also becoming a much bigger issue, she adds.

One newer area which saw increased pharmaceutical investment is digital heal technologies like telemedicine. “During the pandemic, we saw a lot of innovation in the digital health space, particularly in telemedicine, both in digital health, medical device assets, and… how health care is being provided,” says Faget.

Faget predicts in 2023 some of the key focuses for investment will continue to be oncology and CNS disease, while areas like telemedicine and personalized medicine will continue to grow into the new year.

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