Looking For A Favorable Business Climate? Try Texas

01 October 2008 Publication
Authors: Kimberly A. Yelkin

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel

The Editor interviews David T. Weber and Kimberly A. Yelkin, Partners of Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP in Austin, Texas

Editor: Does your firm counsel clients on the advantages of locating business facilities in Texas? Is this an important and growing area of your practice?

Yelkin: Yes. Gardere Wynne Sewell (“Gardere”) has a substantial practice with existing and new clients wishing to expand business operations in Texas or relocate business operations to Texas. The Texas economy is very dynamic and continues to expand while other states and the national economy has been slowing towards recession. Gardere has positioned the firm to better serve economic development interests by hiring an expert attorney with state economic development experience and who helped to create or implement Texas economic development programs. In addition, Gardere has joined Texas-One, the Texas Governor’s organization to promote economic development and tourism in Texas, and Gardere has become active in foreign and domestic economic development trade missions through its membership in Texas-One. Gardere has participated in outreach and seminars to promote its economic development practice area.

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