Virginia Physicist Pleads Guilty to FCPA Violations, Among Other Charges

18 November 2008 Publication

In November 2008, Shu Quan-Sheng (a naturalized U.S. citizen and President, Secretary, and Treasurer of AMAC International ("AMAC"), a high tech company located in Virginia with an office in Beijing, China) pled guilty to a criminal information charging him with violating the FCPA in connection with bribes paid to Chinese government officials. In addition, Shu also pled guilty to violating the Arms Export Controls Act.

Pursuant to the criminal information, Shu acknowledged offering, paying, promising and authorizing the payment of bribes to individuals employed by the People's Republic of China's 101st Institute (a government research institute within the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology) in order to obtain for himself, AMC, and a French company (which engaged him as a agent) a contract for the development of liquid hydrogen tank system. According to the criminal information, Shu offered a total of approximately $190,000 to the individuals and thereafter the $4 million liquid hydrogen project was awarded to the French company that Shu represented.