Nanotechnology in the Popular News for Skin Treatments, Gene Regulation and siRNA Methods

04 July 2012 Cleantech & Nano Publication

The popular news webpage is featuring an article in their health section on bio nanotechnology with the headline, “Gene healing in a lotion? Researchers say they’re close.” Northwestern University research is highlighted, coming from the laboratories of Professor Chad Mirkin.

The technology, as you can read, relates to siRNA methods. This an active area of nanotechnology with potentially blockbuster results to impress the public mind (revolution, not evolution). For example, I noted that terms like siRNA, RNAi, and miRNA appear in 3.4% of the class 977 patent publications published to date (440 out of 12,982). Also, a  review article including IP and interference technologies and nanobio has been posted on the web.


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