University Patenting and Large Damage Awards – Latest Development

30 December 2012 Cleantech & Nano Publication

This week, press reports show Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) received a large, jury damage award ($1.17B) in a patent infringement lawsuit. This significant development is part of the on-going important policy dialog about university patenting, as noted in the attached press report link. Apparently, the patents arose out of the CMU Data Storage Systems Center (DSSC) (see US Patent Nos. 6,201,839 and 6,438,180; noise detection technology for computer hard drives)The damages might rise or fall with additional legal proceedings.

While the patents in the suit were not nanotechnology patents, the DSSC has a large nanotechnology aspect to its efforts. Also, university patenting is an important part of the nanotechnology innovation “ecosystem.” 

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