Ideas Powering Tech Development Part I – A Look Back 10 Years

14 October 2014 Publication

We posed this question to our FOLEYTech 2014 expert panelists to get their take on a look back at what’s powered tech innovation.

  • "The rise of social and the creation of key companies underpinning that new space — Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc."
    Eric Hjerpe, Kepha Partners, @efhjerpe


  • "The availability and affordability of cloud-based services. Innovative products and services can now be developed and deployed via cloud-based platforms for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods."
    Ron Remy, Mobile Heartbeat, @TechDadCentral


  • "Social media has totally changed how we communicate to worldwide audiences on a personal level."
    Don Dodge, Google, @DonDodge


  • "WiFi: Ubiquitous connectivity coupled with an explosion of social networks and mobile apps has enabled users to interact with their world on a real-time basis in new ways with increased productivity."
    Chris McKenna, Foley & Lardner LLP


  • "The ability of startups to deploy infrastructure with very little cap investment."
    John Morey, MyRozi, @MoreyMyRozi


  • "Cloud infrastructure and web2.0 social media platforms."
    Lara Hanson, Qwasi


  • "Use of cloud services."
    Danielle Sheer, Carbonite


  • "The combination of social media, cloud services, and mobile have created a truly connected planet where information, data communication, and sharing have become mainstream globally."
    Ralph Rodriguez, Delfigo Security, @ralphopinions


  • "Social media adoption… sites like Facebook and Twitter are driving rapid, near real-time communication while creating opportunities for negative developments too via security breaches and identify theft."
    Robert Zeuthen, BNY Mellon



  • "Cloud computing has made it less expensive and more flexible for companies big and small to develop solutions both internal and external. The tech world will never be the same – it’s a revolutionary technology that comes every few decades."
    Greg Dracon, .406 Ventures, @Greg406


  • "Biggest change has come from social media…bringing human relationships into the software."
    James Geshwiler, Common Angels, @geshwiler


  • "Proliferation of broadband and advances in fiber optic networks in general. These advances in infrastructure have paved the way for fundamental shifts in how people consume media (print-to-digital) and products (e-commerce) alike, and ultimately feed the "Big Data" machine that we hear so much about."
    Tom Kearney, Wicks Group


  • "The advancement of non-fossil fuel vehicles."
    Rob Brown, Lincoln International


  • "Cloud computing and deceleration of computing costs. It represents a paradigm shift in information technology and the underlying framework for making Big Data actionable."
    Ed Montes, DataXu, @DataXu

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A Look Ahead 10 Years

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