No One Has Privacy Now, Thanks to Super Cookies

10 December 2014 Publication
Authors: Peter Vogel

E-Commerce Times

Our private information is being catalogued and used by government and private industry, both with and without our knowledge. There was no consequence, fine or penalty, for example, following the revelation late in 2011 that Carrier IQ collected massive amounts of data from millions of cell users. Why? Probably because cell users allowed that information to be collected.

Does anyone really think that we have any privacy? Probably not. Between GPS tracking and our favorite app, most of us gave up on privacy long ago.

Some privacy advocates claim that cell carriers have not been transparent about what personal data they have been gathering and using, although we now know that in order to use a cellular device, we must agree to Terms of Service and privacy policies that permit the cell carriers to obtain a great deal of information about us.

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