Doing Business in Mexico

24 August 2016 Publication
Authors: Daniel Aranda

Midstream Business

Partner Daniel Aranda Rabago authored an article for Midstream Business regarding the recent investment trust, Fibra E, that could potentially spur Mexican midstream development in light of the slump in oil prices.

“In Sept. 2015, the government, through its finance ministry, published new tax rules featuring and regulating this investment vehicle, which will provide the energy and infrastructure sectors exclusive access to private investment for mature, cash-generating projects,” said Mr. Aranda. “To complement the tax regulations, the general provisions applicable to issuers and other stock market participants were further amended in Oct. 2015 to enable the issuance and registration of trust notes for investment in energy and infrastructure in the national Securities Registry, effectively enabling Fibra E as an investment vehicle.”

Subscribers can access the full article here.

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