Mexico Liberalizes Electric Vehicles

15 February 2017 Publication
Authors: Andres Alvarez Marcos Carrasco Menchaca

Mexico’s decree to foster competition in the automotive industry and drive the development of the internal automotive market (Decreto Para El Apoyo De La Competitividad De La Industria Automotriz Terminal Y El Impulso Al Desarrollo Del Mercado Interno De Automobiles) was recently amended in an effort to increase the competitiveness in the Mexican automotive manufacturing industry. The amendment supports Mexico’s international obligations to reduce greenhouse effect gas emissions to 18 percent in the transportation sector. Effective Friday, Feb. 3, 2017, companies registered in Mexico as new automotive vehicle manufacturers (Registro de Empresas Productoras de Vehículos Automotores Ligeros Nuevos) are eligible to import duty-free electric cargo and passenger vehicles into Mexico.

The measure will allow companies to increase the supply of vehicles with efficient and environmentally friendly technologies while benefiting consumers and improving environmental conditions.

Gardere’s international trade group will continue to monitor developments and can provide you with additional information.