Law Schools and Law Firms: Two Cultures Seeking Common Ground

21 March 2017 Publication


Partner Randy D. Gordon, chair of the firm’s antitrust and trade regulation practice group, recently published an article with Law360. In the publication, Gordon addresses the separate cultures that have developed between legal education and legal practice, and how law firms seek further collaboration with law schools to ensure that new graduates are “practice-ready.”

“[L]aw firms have both attempted to push training obligations back onto law schools (successfully, to some extent, as just noted) and implemented professional development programs designed to accelerate new lawyers’ integration into practice,” wrote Mr. Gordon. “With respect to the development programs, much remains to be seen. This is because sophisticated development programs are expensive, and now that revenues do not increase dramatically every year as they did a decade ago, many firms have attempted, as Henderson reports, to ‘prop up profitability by slashing entry-level hiring and by cutting costs on professional development along with other nonessential expenses.’”

Subscribers can access the full article here.

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