Introduction to Bankruptcy Talk

19 April 2017 Bankruptcy Talk Publication
Author(s): John P. Melko

Gardere is proud to announce the inaugural edition of Bankruptcy Talk, a blog hosted by the Firm’s Financial Restructuring and Reorganization Section.

Postings here are intended to be timely and topical, and written to make sometimes confusing rulings of courts dealing with bankruptcy issues accessible. In other words, while we may veer off occasionally into “inside baseball” discussions of arcane bankruptcy issues, we’re writing this primarily for clients, friends and non-bankruptcy practitioners looking for explanations of recent cases, corporate maneuvers, and legal developments.

We hope you enjoy Bankruptcy Talk. Feel free to contact any member of the Section if you have specific questions about one of our topics, or any other bankruptcy or insolvency issues that you have.

John Melko
Chair, Financial Restructuring and Reorganization Section

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