Highlights from the 12th CEO/Innovators Roundtable

19 May 2017 Publication
Author(s): Lawrence W. Vernaglia

Designed to bring together the most dynamic minds in health care, the CEO/Innovators Roundtable serves as an open and robust forum to debate the latest challenges and opportunities facing the industry. Over two days, health system and health plan leaders, physician-group leaders, medical practitioners, technologists, and health policy experts shared their unique insights, discoveries, opportunities, and challenges as they strive to transform the industry.

A new administration in the White House increased uncertainty about the trajectory of health reform. What new regulations, or deregulation, will bring is unknown, but this lack of clarity hasn’t stopped organizations from innovating. Leading health systems and academic medical centers, new academic medical centers, payers, and tech startups are all developing innovative solutions to bring high-quality lower-cost health care to the United States.

The focus was on “Making Change Happen.” Eight years of federal health reform stimulated unprecedented innovation in the financing, delivery, and management of health care across the country. Yet, many of these innovations fell short of their potential because of the massive scale, complexity, and rigidity of our health care institutions and markets. And, while the cost trend moderated during the recession, it does not appear to have flattened permanently. As a result, accountable care, consumer empowerment, clinical integration, and many other innovations are still very much “in process.”

The two days of the roundtable were divided into five panels, each led by a group of panelists who shared their own successes and ideas, and who guided the conversation among the room full of participants.

Summaries of the discussions in each of these panels are available at the link below.

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