A Look at Mexico's Special Economic Zones

17 November 2017 Publication
Authors: Andres Alvarez Marcos Carrasco Menchaca

Latin American Corporate Counsel Association

As Mexico’s first three Special Economic Zones look set to begin operations by the end of the month, local lawyers present an
overview of the new rules and potential benefits for companies looking to invest.

Mexico is the 12th-largest economy in the world and second largest in Latin America; however, the country continues to face major regional disparities when it comes to economic development, particularly between the richer and more industrialised north and the rural and poorer southern states.

In an attempt to boost economic growth and enhance public services in the country´s underdeveloped areas and ultimately bridge the gap between the north and south, the Mexican government decided to create Special Economic Zones (SEZs) aimed at promoting local and foreign direct investment in those areas. The government hopes the attraction of investment will to lead to job creation and a growth in production and revenues, improving both the economy and quality of life of the people in those regions.

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