Overly Publishes Six Cybersecurity ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ for Businesses

14 December 2017 CSO Publication
Author(s): Michael R. Overly

Partner Mike Overly published an article in the CSO ‘Crossroads of Cybersecurity and the Law’ blog, “Six Resolutions for a Secure New Year,” about the six action items businesses can take to increase their overall cybersecurity.

Overly wrote that while he is not suggesting that every business pursue each action item, they should consider efforts in these areas:

  1. Take inventory on information assets
  2. Improve employee training
  3. Tune up vendor and business partner agreement practices
  4. Revisit existing vendor and business partner agreements
  5. Review and update security policies
  6. Conduct an audit or update existing audits

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This article was republished in the Marin Lawyer.

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