Managing the Aggressive Enforcement of International Regulations by the Trump Organization: Compliance Best Practices for Companies that Source, Operate, or Sell Abroad

12 June 2019 Publication
Authors: Gregory Husisian Jenlain A. C. Scott
With the Trump administration having put in place the largest export controls penalty of all time, the second-largest economic sanctions/OFAC penalty, and five of the ten largest FCPA penalties, international regulatory risk management has never been more important for companies that operate, source, or sell abroad.  Of particular note, the U.S. Government has opened up a new front on the international regulatory side, focusing on international supply chain issues. The white paper accessed via the link below covers the new expectations of the U.S. Government regarding supply chain due diligence and compliance with OFAC sanctions, forced labor, and international trafficking.  It provides a twelve-step program for companies seeking to determine their risk profile and create an international compliance environment that meets the expectations of U.S. regulators.  It also provides a comprehensive risk-assessment questionnaire – interested readers can fills out the questionnaire and send it to the authors, who will help them evaluate their international risk profile. (Author contact information and bios are included at the end of the document.)

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