International Health Care

The global health care industry is both complex and evolving. Multinational companies must navigate a landscape that includes often conflicting and constantly changing regulations in one of the most highly regulated industries in the world. They must also manage risks associated with foreign affiliates, agents, and third parties that may unknowingly implicate U.S. law. The intensive regulatory approach and business practices of other jurisdictions raise many challenges for companies, including issues involving data-flow and privacy restrictions, technology and information, export-control risks, intellectual property protection, anti-corruption, licensing, recordkeeping, rulemaking, and compliance, and can burden companies with significant risk.

Foley has deep experience assisting with health care industry project assessment, development, and implementation. Through our years of work with health care providers, we have insights into how other countries’ domestic laws apply in multiple sectors, including the health care sector, and how to address compliance obligations and risks.

As your trusted adviser, Foley’s International Health Care Team delivers high-quality legal counsel to meet your needs by creating connections, forming alliances, identifying opportunities, and minimizing risks around the world.

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