Protecting Intellectual Property Assets

The development, protection, and commercialization of intellectual property assets are of critical importance to health care companies hoping to have a sustainable success in foreign countries. It would be wise to file patent applications and/or copyright registrations, where necessary, as early as possible, and even before market entry, to deter competitors from copying proprietary devices and software. Our team is experienced in assisting clients with patent and copyright procurement in countries outside of the United States.

Doing business in other countries often means working together with a local partner in manufacturing, distribution, and regulatory compliance. Health care companies that heavily rely on trade secrets to protect their proprietary technical and business information should consider taking various precautions before, during, and after meeting with a potential foreign partner to safeguard trade secrets. With solid knowledge of the trade secret regime, our team is experienced in helping clients navigate through the complex relationship with local partners, and avoid pitfalls and risks associated with trade secret thefts.

In addition, once foreign health care companies start their business operations in another country, they often experience surprising difficulties in trademark and domain name registration and enforcement, sometimes even due to interference by their local partners. Our team routinely advises clients on these issues and helps them take strategic action and/or prevail in local courts.