Understanding the World of Telemedicine

U.S. hospitals and providers, seeking to share their clinical expertise and broaden their footprint/patient base without the need and expense to acquire or build facilities and send personnel abroad, are looking abroad for telemedicine opportunities. However, the legal issues, business structures, and cultural differences are significant and present challenges for the launch of cross-border telemedicine initiatives.

Our team monitors these developments, addresses interpretive issues with the authorities, and develops models to manage evolving compliance obligations and risks. This includes those associated with licensing, patient privacy, data transfer controls, and other telemedicine-related issues. We have advised on and developed contractual approaches, based on this deep understanding, and can assist you with various related issues, such as the assessment of third-party technology and other service providers involved in telemedicine programs to enable communications and patient continuity of care. We can also aid with determinations of whether the consultation model you are considering falls within the confines of telemedicine rules, or if it is more appropriately addressed under another regulatory model.