Reimbursement Issues in Mobile Health Care

We advise our clients that it is never too early to begin planning a reimbursement strategy if you plan to seek product coverage. Foley’s team of Mobile Health Care attorneys have experience working with payers and first-hand knowledge of the types of questions product developers will be asked when applying for coverage and reasonable rates of reimbursement. Ways in which we counsel clients in this area include: 

  • Identifying market stratifications to best align with existing payer coverage and reimbursement policies 
  • Aligning business structures, services, and marketing efforts to comply with fraud and abuse rules applicable to products covered and reimbursed by federal health care payers 
  • Expanding payer coverage and seeking more favorable reimbursement for emerging products 
  • Compliance with federal, state, and payer rules relating to patient consent, provider credentialing and enrollment, service documentation, corporate practice of medicine, telehealth restrictions, and other requirements which may affect payment