Foley’s Nanotechnology attorneys help you realize the potential of your nano-enabled innovations — such as cleantech and nanobiotechnology — by protecting your IP assets, building financial interest, evaluating your technology’s potential, navigating changing regulatory compliance, and aiding the management of your business and industry risks.
We have been at the vanguard of nanotech research and applications from its inception, guiding clients like you through the legal and business issues that impact this field.

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Provided substantial patent counseling and procurement for a leading university in the Northeast directed to nanotech science and engineering for method and apparati for gene sorting, biological tissue examination, and characterization of bio-materials. The technology is licensed to several very large Fortune 500 companies and has enabled characterization and separation of biomaterials at the nanotech level which was not previously possible. Also handled work for this university in high-performance magnetic switching technology and clinical treatment and monitoring devices for neural and human brain physiology.
Represented an emerging company formed out of a major university on the West Coast in the solar energy arena. Foley counseled the venture in terms of fundraising and patent procurement. Additional new technology development has been funded by investments from major Fortune 500 companies by virtue of the company's patent portfolio.
Represented a nanotechnology company in a Series CC Preferred Stock financing by five venture capital funds and a direct institutional investor.

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