A Pro Bono Partnership With CIRM

California’s Proposition 71, a measure allocating $3 billion for stem cell research and the creation of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), helped make California the bellwether state when it comes to stem cell research. True to our commitment to advising on public policy in the area of stem cell research, Foley developed a one-of-a-kind stem cell database for CIRM to assist researchers in obtaining valuable information on stem cell technologies that have been patented in the United States. In all, Foley attorneys retrieved, reviewed, and catalogued more than 3,000 patents. Patent claims were analyzed and collated into year categories and for specific research interests, such as the cell type, in vitro or in vivo use, and so forth.

The stem cell database is now located prominently on the CIRM website at http://tinyurl.com/cbd9t7v.

In addition to our work with CIRM, our Stem Cell attorneys have first-hand experience with and unique insight into the White House, Congress, executive branch departments, and regulatory agencies. Whether you are a coalition looking to educate the public on issues, or a private company or university looking for an effective strategy to obtain funding, we can help you find practical and politically viable answers to your questions. As your partner in public policy, our front-line position can help you reach your goals.