Stem Cells From Prosecution to Litigation

Some of the more contentious and complex issues arising from stem cell research relate to IP assets and their protection, including: how the law treats IP assets created in the course of your stem cell research; patentability in the United States, China, Europe, and other jurisdictions; freedom to operate issues; what tools and therapies provide the greatest protection for your assets; and how you can leverage your portfolio to generate income; and the use of federal grants in research involving stem cells.

To address these and other associated issues, you may be required to collaborate with disparate entities. Therefore, it is vital to strike a balance between IP asset protection via well-drafted patent claims, and the ability to partner with other firms to exploit those patents via advantageous licensing agreements. We work closely with universities, research facilities, and private companies to develop comprehensive IP policies covering issues at the core of stem cell initiatives, including:

  • Technology transfer (Bayh-Dole Act)
  • Patents
  • Royalties
  • Licensing (domestically and internationally)
  • Research collaboration
  • Basic research tools (NIH Guidelines, licensing of genomic tools)