Election Task Force

As part of the Government Solutions Group's mission to provide clients with a full range of legal and public policy counsel on any matters related to federal, state, and local government, we are proud to bring our experience and insights to bear throughout this 2020 election cycle. Our group of attorneys and government public policy professionals is made up of knowledgeable attorneys, former members of Congress, and well-connected policy advisors, all proficient in many areas of government relations, political law, and strategic communications and positioning. Click below to learn about the Foley professionals on the elections coverage team.

Scroll down for the primary feed of our team's insights into the 2020 federal, state, and local level elections, which include publications, news, and our election-related events. Visit our 2020 Election Resource Center to filter our publications by a variety of topics. Read on for election outlooks, potential consequences and the effects on various industries, and how it all might impact the political landscape. 

Please contact your Foley relationship partner with any questions or to learn more about how our team can work with you.