A Strong Track Record

From emerging technologies and pharmaceuticals to banking and financial services — whatever area of business you specialize in, we have a proven track record of assisting clients and enhancing their competitive advantages by:

  • Ensuring all IP strategies are aligned with business goals and the competitive landscape
  • Assembling a lean team with professionals at the right levels who have the legal skills needed, as well as the technology, industry experience, and knowledge of client’s risk tolerance
  • Providing best-in-class service

In drafting patent applications, we seek to build multiple layers of protection, taking into account different claim strategies in anticipation of litigation and licensing.

In contentious proceedings, our goal is to find the best business resolution for our clients, which may involve post-grant United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) proceedings, interference, settlement negotiation, and other alternatives, in addition to pursuing trial activities. Our attorneys are skilled at devising IP litigation strategies for early and cost-effective resolutions that achieve your business objectives, including:

  • Applying the right strategy based on the nature of the case and what is at stake, whether it is “bet-the-company” competitor litigation, a case involving core products and services, or a nuisance non-practicing entity matter.
  • Aggressive pre-suit and early-suit communications and investigation into strengths and weaknesses of a case to secure early victory, dismissal, or settlement
  • Filing cases in, or transferring cases to, the appropriate venue
  • Effective use of post-grant proceedings within the USPTO to challenge asserted patents
  • Aggressive early-motion practice to dispose of a case or narrow the issues
  • Focus on discovery issues, such as infringement and invalidity contentions, and the use of 30(b)(6) or inventor depositions to lock in an opponent