Antitrust Compliance

Effective antitrust compliance includes programs that engage and effectively educate the target audience about antitrust risks and solutions. To minimize the risk that your employees put the company at antitrust risk, you will want to design and implement effective and comprehensive compliance programs.

We have worked with clients to help tailor their compliance programs to their specific needs — an approach that may include traditional lectures, use of computer software modules, training workshops that leverage technology to deliver Internet-based seminars, or even training videos that star key client personnel. We also have assisted clients in giving the training and coaching — either by speaking at the compliance programs or helping in-house counsel to provide those presentations.

Effective compliance also requires a system that enables your employees to raise questions or to bring to your attention potential antitrust issues that they encounter. We frequently assist clients in assessing the issues raised by employees and in providing practical advice on next steps, which may involve concluding that the conduct raises no real antitrust concern, that some modification or change in policy or practice would assist in minimizing antitrust risk or that some more formal investigation is needed.