Strike Management

A strike by your employees can be extremely disruptive and ultimately affect your goodwill in the industry, as well as your financial bottom line. To help lessen the impact of these effects, we work with you to prepare single- and multiple-facility strike contingency plans, coordinate your response to strikes, advise you on public relations matters, and manage all legal issues that may arise in connection with strikes or other economic action engaged in by your employees. This includes obtaining state court mass picketing injunctions, show cause orders, contempt citations, Boys Markets injunctions, Section 301 actions, Section 303 damage actions, and RICO actions. We also help you continue your operations in both peaceful and violent strikes, strikes in which the workforce returned to work, and those in which striking employees are permanently replaced.

We have significant experience in representing clients like you in proceedings before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) that result from a strike.