All Digital Assets Go to Heaven? Actually Purgatory, If You’re Not Careful

26 April 2021 Digital Wealth News Publication
Authors: Louis Lehot

Louis Lehot authored an article on the transference of digital assets. The article looks at the transfer of wealth through generations which typically involved tangible assets - cash, property, jewelry, art, etc. But today, wealth transfer can also involve digital assets, such as cryptocurrency or NFTs.  In the next 30 years, $16 trillion of ultra high net worth wealth is expected to be transferred to the next generation, likely involving a great deal of digital assets as these rise in popularity. While transferring a physical asset is a relatively simple, known process, it becomes a little more complex when digital assets are involved. So as we enter into this period of massive wealth transfer, what do we need to know about the transfer of digital assets to ensure they don't get trapped in the digital ether?

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