Foley Federal Public Affairs Advises Multiple Hydrogen Clients Through a Changing Renewable Energy Landscape

07 October 2022 Legal News: Federal Public Affairs Publication
Author(s): John R. West Dennis A. Cardoza Jared B. Rifis Scott L. Klug William Ball Jennifer F. Walsh

The Foley & Lardner LLP Federal Public Affairs team announced today the work that it has done for renewable energy clients by providing advice and counsel throughout the enactment of the Inflation Reduction Act, the implementation of the Biden Administration’s Hydrogen Hub plan, and means to navigate the hydrogen industry.

The introduction and passage of the Inflation Reduction Act in August 2022 saw the renewable energy industry scramble to ensure that their priorities were included within the $700 billion package. Foley’s Federal Public Affairs team guided a hydrogen-focused client by connecting the client with key Senate stakeholders and committees to discuss their priorities regarding hydrogen tax credits. Foley energy and environmental lawyers worked directly with Senate staff to craft legislative language that accurately adjusted technical details surrounding the Sec. 48 Investment Tax Credit (ITC). The ITC, along with other renewable tax credits, will allow for greater and more rapid investment into hydrogen production.

The Federal Public Affairs team has also advised its renewable clients throughout the Department of Energy’s implementation of the $7 billion Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs program. Set forth in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the hydrogen hub project is an essential piece of the Biden Administration’s plans to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Foley has acted as an intermediary for renewable clients to connect with key federal and private industry partners to better leverage their investments. The Department of Energy is anticipated to issue a funding opportunity announcement in late 2022, with selection of hydrogen hub projects in spring 2023.

With the Federal Public Affairs team’s expertise of issues in California, Foley has been a natural fit counseling a hydrogen fuel cell client on growing their geographic footprint of hydrogen-fueled cars throughout the state and the region. Foley has worked directly with federal and state lawmakers to ensure the growth of hydrogen-power cars and more renewables throughout the country.

The Foley Federal Public Affairs team is comprised of former Members of Congress, Chiefs of Staff, House and Senate Staff. The team includes former Congressman Dennis Cardoza, former Congressman Scott Klug, Jennifer Walsh, William Ball, Jared Rifis, Kate Kros, and Jack West.


John R. West

Public Affairs Advisor

Dennis A. Cardoza

Director, Public Affairs

Scott L. Klug

Director, Public Affairs

William Ball

Dir, Public Affairs

Jennifer F. Walsh

Director, Public Affairs

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