Understanding and Coping with the Sweeping New Russian and Belarussian Sanctions & Export Controls

14 March 2022 Legal News: International Trade & National Security Publication
Author(s): Gregory Husisian Christopher Swift John E. Turlais Jenlain A. C. Scott

The U.S. government has imposed sweeping sanctions and export controls restrictions on the Russian and Belarussian governments. With the U.S. government continuing to impose new restrictions, the Foley International Trade & National Security Team is tracking all new restrictions on dealings with Russian and Belarussian entities, as summarized in this Russian-Belarussian Sanctions & Export Controls white paper. Due to the rapid changes in the Ukraine-related economic sanctions and export controls, we will be updating this white paper regularly to keep it as an up-to-date resource summarizing the current status of the relevant regulations. If you would like to receive updates to this white paper, please contact one of the authors listed below or your Foley relationship partner, and we will be happy to put you on our mailing list for updates to these rapidly evolving regulatory changes. Further, the impact of the new Ukrainian-related sanctions will be unique at each company. If you wish to discuss issues particular to your organization, please contact one of the Foley International Trade & National Security Team authors of this white paper.

As the Russia-Ukraine war continues, so too do new business and legal implications for companies around the world. For more information on how to mitigate risk and protect your business, contact a Foley lawyer today.

Click here to download and read the white paper. Click here to access all Foley content on the Russia-Ukraine conflict.