Stem Cell Technologies

Foley offers you a team of more than 20 attorneys experienced in stem cell technologies. This diverse team of both business attorneys and technical specialists counsels you on matters from IP strategy to real estate and taxation.
Advances in stem cell research have sparked new optimism over prospects for treating and curing a broad spectrum of maladies. Stem cell investigations already have illuminated the complexities of cell division and differentiation; on the horizon is the generation of cells and tissues for therapeutic use. Stem cells also are likely to advance drug development by allowing screening and testing in a wide range of cell types.

These advances offer the potential for tremendous medical benefits to individuals, as well as substantial economic gain for communities and institutions. It is not surprising, therefore, that the federal government, various state governments, and private investors are paying more and more attention to the stem cell field.

Foley provides a comprehensive offering of legal services to our stem cell clients. We integrate key disciplines within our firm to meet the diverse needs of life science organizations in areas of IP law, regulatory affairs (FDA, USDA), public policy, taxation, payer issues, business law, licensing, securities, antitrust counseling, labor and employment law, international trade, and health law. Drawing nationwide on the experience of Foley attorneys in these diverse legal areas, we anticipate and satisfy your particular needs in this fast-paced and ever-changing field of regenerative medicine.

Areas in which we provide services include:

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