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From Innovation to Regulation: Sustainability in the World of Business

24 April 2008


  • The Capital Hilton
    Federal Ballroom
    1001 16th Street NW
    Washington, D.C. 20036

Sustainability has hit the business world with force, and from many directions. So far, businesses are moving in a "green" direction without extensive governmental mandates, whether due to shareholder pressure for greater environmental stewardship, or recognition that certain green practices actually can improve the bottom line.

History has shown, however, that voluntary programs with proven success for some can be adapted into federal and state mandates for all.

We hosted a Foley Executive Briefing Series program, From Innovation to Regulation: Sustainability in the World of Business, which addressed the growing role of sustainability in the corporate sector. The panel was moderated by Richard G. Stoll, Foley Environmental Regulation Partner. Panelists included Stu Dalheim, Director, Shareholder Advocacy, Calvert Asset Management Company; Holly Elwood, Headquarter Lead, Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) Program, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Bruce A. Keyes, Foley Environmental Regulation and Real Estate Partner; and Clay G. Nesler, Vice President, Global Energy and Sustainability, Johnson Controls, Inc.

Topics included:

  • Best practices for a sustainable supply chain
  • Emerging trends in e-waste disposal and waste reduction
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and capturing carbon credits through energy-efficient projects
  • The green proxy: the business response to investor, customer, and shareholder demands for sustainability

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