Foley’s Work on Landmark California Water Resources Legislation Highlighted

06 November 2018 Global Legal Chronicle News
The Global Legal Chronicle highlighted the work of Public Affair’s Director Dennis Cardoza and Foley’s federal public affairs team in their work on California Assembly Bill 747 in the article, “Byron-Bethany Irrigation District’s Successful Passage of Landmark Water Resources Legislation in California.”

The legislation is the first water law protection to make it through the California legislative process in years. The bill removes the built-in conflicts of interest in the current structure, leveling the playing field for water users who felt that they had no choice but to settle enforcement actions by the state’s Water Resources Control Board. The new law creates an administrative hearing process within the board to help adjudicate water rights issues. The law takes effect on June 30, 2019.


Dennis A. Cardoza

Director, Public Affairs

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