Injunctive Relief: Recent Developments in Illinois Law

23 April 2011 Publication
Authors: Jena L. Levin John L. Litchfield

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin

Foley Partner Martin Bishop and Associates Jena Levin and John Litchfield authored an article that appeared in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin on April 23, 2011 titled "Injunctive relief: recent developments in Illinois law." The authors discuss recent developments in the Illinois state and federal courts that address injunctive relief. Among several developments, they state that the Illinois appellate courts are split over whether irreparable harm is contingent upon a finding of no adequate remedy at law, adding that jurisdictional questions are key for courts to enjoin state agencies and entities they oversee. The authors note that practitioners need to keep abreast of these developments even though they are usually modest and right at the margins.