Innovative Technology

Businesses have always had to keep pace with technological advancement. The advancements have become significantly more rapid, disrupting businesses of all types through innovations in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cybersecurity and privacy, health tech and genomics, and blockchain. Regardless of whether your business develops and deploys cutting-edge technology, is leveraging innovative technology into existing operations, or simply needs to account for the changes that affect you and your competitors, understanding these advancements is critical to success.

Foley’s Innovative Technology team consists of over 150 attorneys across 25 offices, including sophisticated corporate attorneys that understand business and market trends, tenacious litigators ready to defend clients’ markets share in growth areas, and highly-skilled PhDs and engineers who can help navigate the intellectual property nuances of these technological advancements. Our cross-disciplinary team of attorneys and professionals understands the impact of innovative technology and helps clients develop future-proof legal strategies for their businesses. In many cases, we work with company leadership to help shape a vision for the future that incorporates the benefits of innovative technology while protecting against its risks.

Our clients span from Fortune 500 giants to technology startups and emerging growth companies, including relationships with more than 300 private equity and venture capital firms, as well as numerous accelerators, incubators, and universities. From formation to IPO, through mergers and spinoffs, regulatory compliance, protecting vital assets, dispute management, and everything in between, we provide comprehensive counsel to help clients at all stages of their life cycle.

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