Franchise Operations

As a franchisor, you understand that there are many issues you need to consider when creating and then maintaining your operations. As legal counsel, we also need to consider multiple areas that impact you, including antitrust, tax, contract, labor and employment, litigation, IP, and licensing — as well as the more unusual aspects of domestic and international franchise laws.

Fortunately, we can call upon the experience of colleagues across the firm as we help you identify and solve issues that arise when structuring and financing your franchise operations; renewing, revising, and expanding existing franchise networks; and acquiring, selling, or terminating franchise operations. Should you find yourself in a dispute, we can help you protect your interests via litigation or mediation.

We work extremely hard to protect your interests. Beyond litigation or mediation, this extends to advocating on behalf of clients like you in hearings and legislative rulemaking sessions before state and federal legislative agencies and commissions.