Global Supply Network

Efficient and effective supply networks deliver on the promise of high-quality products and excellent customer service – significant success factors for leading companies. Strategic partnerships with manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and carriers form “value chains” providing competitive leverage and increasing business profitability and shareholder value.

When supply network management is viewed through the lens of critical legal issues and “best in class” legal solutions, businesses benefit through enhanced control over costs and risks, and they become aligned across all supply network partners.

With deep resources and a wide geographic net, Foley’s global supply network industry group is comprised of a cross-disciplinary team of professionals with decades of experience assisting clients in implementing effective supply chain strategies.

Global supply network management is fundamentally rooted in strong, clear and enforceable contractual relationships. At the core of these relationships are the client’s relationship values as reflected in its culture and identified by its brand. This values-based approach normally includes sensitivity to visibility of data while maintaining appropriate levels of protection; well-defined statements of work; optimal enforceability of performance standards and protocol for measurement of performance standards; identification of tangible remedies commensurate with triggering contractual events; and flexibility to respond to change consistent with operating realities with minimal business disruption.

We have structured various models for facilitating and, in many cases, handling clients’ supply network legal needs, including contractual arrangements for research, design and development; creation, protection and use of customer data, know-how and other intellectual property, information technology and business methods; licensing, franchising and related business models; sourcing, purchasing and supply; logistics and transportation; regulatory compliance; financing and risk management; export controls, trade compliance and import relief; public procurement; and dispute resolution.


Webinar: Supply Chain and Sustainability Summit
27 September 2021
Manufacturing Industry Advisor
Supply Chain and Sustainability Summit
12 October 2021