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    • 05 April 2017
    • Fitzgerald Quoted on Current State of Health Plan Subsidies

    • Partner Kevin Fitzgerald was quoted in a HealthLeaders Magazine article, “Premiums Likely to Rise, More Insurers Will Leave Exchanges,” covering the uncertainty of subsidies, employee health benefits and viability of the individual market through the implementation of the Affordable Care Act under the Trump administration.
    • 28 March 2017
    • Ferrante Quoted on Value of Telehealth with Health Care Official Appointments

    • TJ Ferrante was quoted in a Healthcare Informatics article, “With New Healthcare Federal Officials Confirmed, Health IT Leaders Ponder Their Agendas,” covering the widespread support of telehealth services on the Hill and how it’s necessary for the new federal officials to keep this a priority.
    • 24 March 2017
    • Ferrante Quoted on Medical Areas Where Telehealth Best Drives Revenue

    • TJ Ferrante was quoted in a Part B News article, “Four Areas Where Telehealth, Though Under-Covered, Can Bring in Revenue,” which discusses the top four medical spaces aside from Medicare where telehealth services have the greatest revenue-building potential.
    • 22 March 2017
    • Brooks Quoted on Top Antitrust Steps in Healthcare M&A Transactions

    • Partner Holden Brooks was quoted in an Ambulatory Advisor article, “Antitrust Issues in the Current Healthcare Industry,” covering steps health care providers can take to reduce the risk of M&A transactions being found in violation of antitrust laws.
    • 20 March 2017
    • Waltz Quoted on ROI from Anti-Fraud Efforts Under President Trump

    • Partner Judy Waltz was quoted in a Bloomberg BNA article, “Trump Budget Would Boost Spending to Fight Medicare, Medicaid Fraud,” covering the ideal return on investment from anti-fraud efforts, and the integrity of the Trump administration’s anti-fraud program as a whole.
    • 18 March 2017
    • Lacktman Quoted on Telehealth’s Expansion to Complex Medical Cases

    • Partner Nate Lacktman was quoted in a Modern Healthcare article, “Tapping Telehealth for Complex Cases,” which covers how physicians are beginning to utilize telehealth capabilities to offer remote assistance for high-acuity patients.
    • 02 March 2017
    • Waltz Quoted on Medicare Anti-Fraud Contractor Consolidation

    • Partner Judy Waltz was quoted in a Bloomberg BNA article, “Consolidation Comes to Health-Care Anti-Fraud Contractors,” covering the consolidation of Medicare anti-fraud contractors as the Trump administration looks to cut costs and provide consistent policies.
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