A Checklist for Managing a Dawn Raid in India

17 April 2019 The Anti-Corruption Report Publication
Author(s): David W. Simon Michelle A. Freeman David W. Simon
Following on their February article, "How to Prepare for the Possibility of a Dawn Raid in India," in the Anti-Corruption Report, Foley Partner David W. Simon and Associate Michelle A. Freeman have collaborated with Partner Samudra Sarangi, of Panag & Babu in India, to publish “A Checklist for Managing a Dawn Raid in India.” For those companies that find themselves the target of an unannounced visit from government authorities, seeking to confiscate possible evidence of wrongdoing, this checklist is an indispensable guide to working with officials, notifying management, and directing employees to ensure that such raids proceed as smoothly as possible while maintaining a professional decorum during a stressful and often hectic episode.