Power & Utilities

Foley’s Power & Utilities industry team consists of attorneys with decades of experience successfully advising clients on the regulatory landscape that oversees the electric, telecommunications, water, and natural gas utility markets. The utility practice provides a go-to service when new issues arise related to all aspects of utility regulation and operation. Foley's public utility attorneys have daily interaction with the agencies and authorities responsible for regulating Texas’ utility markets. The firm zealously advocates for clients before the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC), the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC), and before authorities such as the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) that manage the routine operations of critical utility infrastructure in Texas. Foley's utility attorneys assist companies in navigating the regulations to maintain day-to-day compliance, as well as in contested cases, rulemaking proceedings and the legislative process. The utility practice can also assist clients involved in project development and contract negotiations to optimize utility services to the benefit of the clients’ business.
Foley attorneys have represented competitive providers of electric and telecommunications services, as well as generators and cooperatives who are looking for fresh approaches to market and regulatory issues. With the movement of water utility regulation to the PUC, Foley’s utility team is assisting clients in the water industry transition to a new regulatory framework. Foley’s utility team has extensive experience with the transition in Texas from monopoly utility providers to vigorous competitive markets and can employ that expertise in other emerging competitive markets beyond Texas.