Foley’s Life Sciences Industry Team attorneys focus on providing strategic legal services to our mobile health care clients that allows them to truly make a difference in the delivery of health care, while assisting them from their initial research stages to eventual commercialization and product distribution.
The world of mobile health care is moving remarkably fast, offering to improve the quality and lower the costs of our health care system. Today’s mobile medical devices are transforming health care, both in the clinical setting and in the hands of consumers. Patients are turning to mobile medical apps to communicate with doctors, insurers, and other patients and to monitor their own wellness. Federal and state governments have begun to recognize the potential of mobile devices for providing cost-effective health care solutions, but have not yet offered clear regulatory guidance to help in innovation and reimbursement.
Accordingly, today’s mobile health care landscape requires that companies engage sound legal representation throughout every stage of their product research and development, marketing, and business operations.

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