The Foley Approach to FCA and Whistleblower Matters

With the increase of FCA-related matters in industries subject to very specific regulations, we know that a “one-size-fits-all” approach is not practical. That is why our False Claims Act & Whistleblower Defense professionals are committed to devising a flexible, multidisciplinary, proactive approach tailored to meet your needs. We leverage the experience of our health care, employment, and other regulatory and industry-specific attorneys, who are well versed in fields such as device manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, senior living, commodities and securities, financial services, renewable energy, automotive, real estate, municipal government, and government contracting, to deliver targeted and relevant experience and insight on your matter.

  • Our False Claims Act & Whistleblower Defense Practice group is comprised of former federal prosecutors (from civil fraud sections, criminal sections, and tax sections), commercial civil litigators, and enforcement attorneys, all with deep and specific experience in the various facets of the relevant statutes.
  • The practice includes experienced trial attorneys who have been successful in trial and attorneys who have argued important FCA issues on appeal.
  • With regard to the FCA, in particular, they have represented clients in intervened and non-intervened FCA lawsuits, parallel civil and criminal proceedings, parallel state and federal proceedings, and in debarment, suspension, or exclusion proceedings.
  • They have conducted internal investigations, evaluated alleged FCA exposure (including under overpayment or reverse false claims theories), advised clients on potential FCA liability and collateral risks, conducted employee exit interviews to identify and mitigate FCA risks, and designed and implemented FCA compliance programs.
  • Foley attorneys have successfully persuaded government agencies not to intervene in qui tam cases, have negotiated complex FCA settlements and corporate integrity agreements, and have obtained dismissals of unsealed FCA cases in active litigation at the pleadings and summary judgment stages.

A representative list of FCA cases can be found by clicking on Experience in the left margin of this page. To view a list of whistleblower cases, click on the Experience tab at the top of this page and search on the term “whistleblower” in the search field to its right.

The group also regularly writes on cutting-edge issues under these laws. Representative FCA publications can be found by clicking on Intelligence in the left margin of this page. A list of Foley writings and publications on whistleblower issues will be found by clicking on the Intelligence tab at the top of this page and searching on the term “whistleblower” in the search field to its right.