Privacy, Security & Information Management

    • 21 May 2018
    • State Data Breach Notification Laws

    • For a summary of basic state notification requirements that apply to entities who “own” data, download Foley’s State Data Breach Notification Laws Chart .
    • 29 August 2017
    • What Can My Cloud Provider Do With My Data?

    • Take a moment from your day and pull out the last three or four cloud services agreements your company has entered into. Now, highlight the provisions in those agreements that specifically define how the vendor may use your data. You may be very surprised at the results.
    • June 2017
    • Levitt Analyzes Major Identity Disclosure Case

    • Partner Melinda Levitt authored an article that was published in Leading Internet Case Law, “Glassdoor Inc. v. Superior Court of Santa Clara County,” analyzing the case that explored under what circumstances Glassdoor can/should forcibly disclose the name of individuals commenting on the website about their previous employer.