Private Equity Matchmaker 2.0

Foley’s Private Equity MatchmakerSM 2.0 enhances our attorneys’ ability to refer business opportunities to clients like you.

Our Private Equity (PE) Matchmaker 2.0 is a proprietary online software platform designed by our Private Equity & Venture Capital Practice to enhance our ability to refer business opportunities to you.

Through its automated search function and deal-matching capability, PE Matchmaker 2.0 connects our clients from around the world who are seeking capital with those who are actively pursuing private equity investment opportunities.

The introduction of PE Matchmaker 2.0 is the latest milestone for our national Private Equity & Venture Capital Practice, demonstrating the value we offer through our ability to introduce you to potential business partners, in addition to the sophisticated legal counsel we provide on a daily basis.

Foley attorneys populate the tool using key attributes for entities who seek capital, as well as from a broad universe of funds pursuing investment opportunities. The key attributes include investment size, development stage, geographic region, and industry, among others. The system compiles the information and notifies our attorneys when an investment opportunity arises, so we can make targeted introductions for companies seeking to raise capital. The system also tracks the amount of match activity a fund or company is generating, allowing our attorneys to quickly identify and share the most active business opportunities in real time.

Tapping into our sophisticated network of capital seekers and investors provides added value to our clients like you by encouraging and expediting deals. The PE Matchmaker 2.0 platform provides a Web-based application that fosters collaboration and allows us to present you with real-time deal options efficiently.