District Judge Denies Attempt to Enjoin Gardere Client Billy Bray of Alliant Insurance Services

26 January 2018 News

Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP, on behalf of both Billy Bray, vice president at Alliant Americas, and Alliant Insurance Services, has successfully defended its clients in a lawsuit brought  by Wells Fargo Insurance Services/USI.

Wells Fargo Insurance Services/USI sought to prevent Bray, who is a prior employee of the company, from soliciting, accepting or servicing business from his previous Wells Fargo Insurance Services/USI clients and potential clients. The company moved for a temporary injunction, and on December 28 Gardere attorneys Rachel Powitzky Steely and Colleen McKnight represented Alliant and Bray at a hearing on Wells Fargo Insurance Services/USI‘s motion. The court agreed with Alliant and Bray and denied Wells Fargo Insurance Services/USI‘s motion.

Steely, who is the lead partner on the case, stated, “Under the terms of Bray’s Wells Fargo Insurance Services/USI agreement, he is not prevented from accepting and servicing the business of clients, including his former clients and prospects. We are pleased that the court denied Wells Fargo Insurance Services/USI’s effort.”

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