Client Service

Foley is repeatedly recognized as a leader in providing best-in-class client service and value because we tailor our approach to fit you and your business.

At Foley, “client service” is not a buzzword or an ambiguous concept that takes up allotted space in a marketing brochure; it is a core initiative outlined in the firm’s formal strategic plan and a committed goal to provide exactly what you want, when you want it. That is why we have conducted hundreds of candid interviews with clients to learn first-hand how they define service and value, then developed processes and tools that directly address their feedback and improve our overall approach to client service. We strive to tailor our approach to hot-button issues — budgets, cost predictability, responsiveness — to fit you and your business.

For 13 consecutive years, Foley has been recognized on the BTI Client Service A-Team, a client service survey of Fortune 1000 corporate counsel. We also were recognized as one of the top 20 best-branded law firms and a "Best of the Best" client service strategist in the BTI Brand Elite 2016 survey.

InfoWeek500With a reputation as a global technology leader, it is obvious that Foley places significant value on our cutting-edge technology. But we understand that the value lies not in the tools themselves, but in the benefits they bring to you. We constantly upgrade our internal systems and provide thorough training to ensure the efficiency, productivity, and accessibility our clients expect. And our award-winning client-facing technology delivers tangible value by enhancing collaboration between you and our attorneys, improving attorney response times, and driving down costs.

Examples of our client-facing technology include:

Budget Management Tool: We know that clients are focused on budgets, with increasing demand for reduced costs and predictability. We have worked directly with our clients to develop and refine our proprietary Budget Management Tool, which drives more effective budget and matter management by facilitating greater transparency between our attorneys and clients.

You can easily track actual fees and expenses at any stage in a billing period against budget estimates, and access graphical budget reports comparing actual performance to budgets. The tool eliminates budget “surprises” by providing transparency regarding fees as they are incurred and provides predictability about total matter costs for the life of the matter and current activity period.

FOLEY Collaborate: Our award-winning FOLEY Collaborate enables you to instantly manage any legal matter through a secure website, whenever and wherever it is most convenient. You also can access — at no added cost — valuable firm resources related to your matters and industry as well as easily review all matter-related documents and correspondence, creating a virtual office where you manage your matters on your own terms.

Private Equity MatchmakerSM 2.0: Connects private equity investors to innovative entrepreneurs based on specific match criteria such as deal size, industry, development stage, and location. By leveraging the business contacts of our attorneys across the country, the Private Equity Matchmaker 2.0 generates real-time deal options that help you find your perfect private equity matches.

Elite BTIIn addition to our consistent appearance in the BTI Client Service 30, Foley has received the following recognition for our approach to client service and client-focused technology:

  • Four attorneys named 2015 BTI Client Service All-Stars, making Foley one of only 64 law firms with more than one BTI Client Service All-Star recognized
  • InformationWeek 500 list for seven of the past nine years for innovative, client-focused technology
  • CIO magazine’s CIO-100 for eight of the past 13 years for world leadership in developing client-focused technology