Client Service

Foley is repeatedly recognized as a leader in providing best-in-class client service and value because we tailor our approach to fit you and your business.

At Foley, “client service” is not a buzzword or an ambiguous concept that takes up allotted space in a marketing brochure; it is a core initiative outlined in the firm’s formal strategic plan and a committed goal to provide exactly what you want, when you want it. That is why we have conducted hundreds of candid interviews with clients to learn first-hand how they define service and value, then developed processes and tools that directly address their feedback and improve our overall approach to client service. We strive to tailor our approach to hot-button issues — budgets, cost predictability, responsiveness — to fit you and your business.

With a reputation as a global technology leader, it is obvious that Foley places significant value on our cutting-edge technology. But we understand that the value lies not in the tools themselves, but in the benefits they bring to you. We constantly upgrade our internal systems and provide thorough training to ensure the efficiency, productivity, and accessibility our clients expect. And our award-winning client-facing technology delivers tangible value by enhancing collaboration between you and our attorneys, improving attorney response times, and driving down costs.

Examples of our client-facing technology include:

FOLEY Collaborate: Our award-winning FOLEY Collaborate enables you to instantly manage any legal matter through a secure website, whenever and wherever it is most convenient. You also can access — at no added cost — valuable firm resources related to your matters and industry as well as easily review all matter-related documents and correspondence, creating a virtual office where you manage your matters on your own terms.

Additionally, you can receive budget reports through a FOLEY Collaborate workspace with the matter budget management tool, Evaluate. With Evaluate reports, you have greater cost predictability and transparency regarding budgeted fees throughout the life of the matter.

Plus, with a Foley Collaborate Virtual Data Room (VDR), you can quickly and easily set up a secure site for highly sensitive, short-term transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, loan syndication, private equity, venture capital, fundraising, and insolvency, where clients, third-parties, and attorneys can securely collaborate and conduct business.