The Evaluate Matter Management Tool

With Foley’s Evaluate Matter Management Tool, you can easily track actual fees and expenses at any stage of the matter against budget estimates. Summary Reports provide at-a-glance comparison on actual performance to budget amounts at a point in time.

The Evaluate Matter Management Tool: 

  • Provides transparency regarding budgeted fees and total fees throughout the life of the matter
  • Offers greater cost predictability from start to finish
  • Grants higher visibility into managing the matter with reports showing fees incurred verses the budgeted amount
  • Enables a high-level of collaboration in the budgeting and matter management process between you and Foley
  • Review Budget Summary and Fees Summary reports at-a-glance
  • Compare budgeted fees versus billed fees at a point in time
  • Graphical view of budget by phase or period, total fees, and billed fees to date