Procedures for Invoice Submission to Foley & Lardner LLP by Non-U.S. Associates

Important Notification Regarding Change in Procedures for Submission of Invoices to Foley & Lardner LLP

Foley & Lardner LLP is updating our accounting procedures to streamline the processing and payment of invoices that we receive each month from our associates outside the U.S. Our goal is to improve efficiency and speed of processing your invoices for payment. To help us in this effort, moving forward, it is imperative that you adhere to the following guidelines, as we very likely will not be able to process any invoice sent to our office by other means. Any deviation from these new guidelines will very likely result in your invoice being returned for resubmission.

New Invoices:

  • All invoices must include (1) narrative of work performed; (2) Foley attorney requesting the work; (3) our reference number; and (4) total amount due.

  • All invoices must be sent directly to in PDF format. The subject line of your email should begin with our reference number, followed by your invoice number:

Subject: 123456-9999: Invoice No. xxxxx …

  • Each invoice should pertain only to a single matter, and must be attached to your document as an individual PDF document.

  • Each invoice must be sent in a separate email to

  • The email must not include any additional communication (i.e., months of email communication, prosecution information, general notices, work product, payment inquiries, etc.)

Inquiries and Statements of Account:

  • Please send statements of account and any questions to Do not include or resend this information to If your inquiry relates to a past due statement of account, please format the subject line of your email to begin with “Statement of Account” followed by the name of your firm:

Subject: Statement of Account: [your firm name]

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we improve processing of invoices received from your firm.


Please note that any pre-existing arrangement to directly bill our client is not affected by this change.

A sample invoice can be found below.

Invoice Example (01/04/21)