Key Indicators of Value and Success in a Life Sciences Company

04 December 2007 Past Event

In any due diligence process, knowing the assumptions that drive the value estimate and the methodology used to balance anticipated investments, risks, and rewards will allow for a company to adjust the diligence review accordingly. This discussion will cover:

  • Approaches for developing valuation and valuation assumptions for in-licensing, M&A, IPO, and R&D
  • Evaluating the future impact of key items when reviewing a biotech IP portfolio
  • Identifying factors that executives use to arrive at a starting value, and then quantifying the deductions depending on the results of the IP due diligence
  • Valuation methodologies used for early-stage vs. late-stage products

Panelists include: Gregg Alton, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Gilead Sciences, Inc.; Doug Crawford, Associate Executive Director, QB3; Doug Sheehy, Vice President & General Counsel, Codexis, Inc.; and Paul Stewart, Partner, Foley.