Managing Your Due Diligence Process Throughout the Life Cycle of a Life Sciences Company

04 December 2007 Past Event

Ensuring top value of a product throughout the lifecycle process involves managing issues related to evaluating a potential product; Identifying the best people for a project, recognizing key value factors of a product, and managing the size, flow and duration of a project. This panel will specifically address:

  • How does your evaluation of a project differ in the big Pharma setting vs. a more entrepreneurial setting?
  • What factors do you consider in determining whether their will be life after the patent on the active
  • How have considerations changed in doing research (basic and developmental) in the last 10 years?
  • What are some sources for evaluating the likelihood of success of a project?

Panelists include: Kim Graham, Former Director, Cambridge Antibody Technology Inc.; Ed LeFevre, Partner, Foley; Roberto Rosenkranz, Ph.D., Chairman and CEO, ROXRO PHARMA; and L. James Strand, M.D., General Partner, Managing Director, Institutional Venture Partners (IVP).


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